‘Did Bould play the team too hard in the second half?’ ‘He should’ve replaced players earlier.’ These are some of the things some Arsenal fans are saying this morning, given the tough fixture that lies ahead of us in 5 days when we take on Manchester City. Firstly, let me clear up that we a football team, not a hotdog eating club. Footballer’s can last 90minutes on the pitch-they’re trained that way. Secondly, Bould didn’t do anything that Wenger didn’t tell him to do. Do you really believe Wenger served his touchline ban without clearing up what needed to be done beforehand and how he would go about the changes that needed to be made?

The fact is Bould was following Wenger’s orders. We’re a professional outfit and I don’t believe Wenger simply let Bould take full charge with Arsenal in their first Champions League match. The players did look tired in the end but I don’t think Bould was the reason to blame.

Right, now that that’s out of the way, I want to talk about something else, an old topic but one that’s looking more of a reality with each game. Theo Walcott made his start, wait, not start, his … what do you call it when a player comes on in the 90th minute? Walcott’s substitute may as well have been his debut for Arsenal. Clearly Wenger has no intentions of using Walcott this season and if that wasn’t already made abundantly clear, by Wenger stating that Walcott must sign a contract or face a possible team selection change, then last night’s match said it all.

I have to say, I’m all for this Walcott shun. If he’s not intending to sign on an extension then Wenger has to adjust the team so suit the situation. If Walcott isn’t going to play in red and white after January then there’s no use in Wenger or the team relying on him now. I just hope we get the best money for value and hopefully sell him somewhere outside of England.