One cannot help feeling sympathy for Bury FC fans following the demise of their beloved club but it is not the responsibility of the big clubs, including Arsenal, to bail failing clubs out.

It is perfectly legitimate to complain that football in England is very much unbalanced with Premier League clubs receiving the lion share of the money but that cannot be used as an excuse by owners of lower league teams that run their respective clubs in an incompetent manner.

There would be no incentive for the owners of the lower league sides to run their clubs in a responsible manner if they are to get a lottery windfall from the Premier League.

It is well known that the last two owners of Bury FC are the culprits in this sorry saga, they overspent without control and now the Lancashire club is paying a huge price, especially their supporters.

Arsenal fans have been very critical of the board and their self-sufficient financial model but the club is not for changing, they will stick to their financial prudence because they know it is in the best interests of the club long-term.

They may well have spent in excess of £150 Million this summer but they have not actually splashed out that huge sum. They have worked out deals based on instalments and deferred payments, again, good solid financial management.

It is not just the lower league clubs that go through a financial meltdown, in the early 2000’s Leeds United basically collapsed, they were regarded as a huge team at the time, they had gone five seasons in a row finishing in the top five and even reached the Champions League semi-finals.

But to achieve that success they borrowed heavily in the belief that they would continue to qualify for the Champions League, when that did not happen they were forced into a fire sale of their best players like Rio Ferdinand and Jonathan Woodgate and ended up being relegated through the divisions down to league one in a period that included a spell in administration.

Even worse happened to legendary Scottish giants Rangers who were liquidated due to financial impropriety, it is happening all over the globe to teams that basically are incapable of operating within their means.

Every fan would love a multi-billionaire to buy them out as has happened with Manchester City, Chelsea, Paris St Germain etc but they are actually quite rare and for the vast majority of clubs it really is a case of work with what you generate.

The football authorities do have a responsibility to vet owners and make sure they are fit and proper but vetting for competence as a football owner is basically impossible.

So, there is sympathy for Bury FC and hopefully, they will become a phoenix club and rise again, they do have an excellent fan base and good infrastructure and so the foundations are there for the supporters to band together and create a new Bury FC in the same way many other clubs have done and begin a new era at Gigg Lane.

But they will have to do it without a handout from the big clubs.