latest arsenal news

Every morning once I get settled in front of my computer screen the first thing I do is check out the latest Arsenal news and in-depth articles that may have been posted up about the club.

Obviously, transfer speculation dominates the new agenda mainly due to lack of actual football, there is not that much else to be reporting on, unless you are Mesut Ozil of course, there always seems to be an article about the German playmaker.

If you were to believe just ten percent of the gossip you could be forgiven for thinking that Arsenal is set to splash out hundreds of millions in new player acquisitions.

We all know that is ridiculous and that talk of £80 million for this player and £60 million for this player is not realistic. However, that does not mean that Arsenal does not have a significant war chest ahead of the transfer window.

Yes, football will have to have a hard look at itself and the amount of money that is being spent and not just on players wages but also agents, transfer fees and executive pay has to be looked at, the PR for any club spending huge amounts of money will not be good in the current climate.

However, some very respectable journalists that are not prone to exaggeration and tend to only report when they are fairly certain of their sources are predicting that the club will be spending some decent money and one of those is none other than David Ornstein, formerly at the BBC and now plying his trade with The Athletic.

That tells me that the club does have the cash to sign a top-class player for a significant amount of money, if they wanted to.

But should they?

You have to think the players that have taken pay cuts will not be too impressed, it will also not be a good look for us Arsenal fans when you take on board that most of us know someone on the frontline fighting the deadly Covid-19 pandemic earning barely the minimum wage.

I would love Arsenal to sign a world-class player, a Dayot Upamecano or Thomas Partey for example, but ignoring what is happening in the world and specifically in the local community will not go down well at all.

I am personally not sure what should be done, thus the question.

Should Arsenal spend big money this summer or is that a PR disaster in the making and should be avoided?