It is not the media to blame for the toxic atmosphere at Arsenal.

It is very easy to attack the media over their Arsenal coverage and rightfully so, it is a bit hysterical but the largest source for attacking the club, manager, players and owners are the fans themselves.

Moaning that the media have an agenda is just a distraction from the brutal truth that it is Arsenal fans that have created both the toxic atmosphere at the club and the grounds for an anti-Arsenal agenda.

I watched John Cross on Sky Sports Sunday supplement, now, he is not a good journalist in my opinion but he is definitely an avid Arsenal fan. He calls Arsenal fans an embarrassment and says they have no clue how they are perceived by the outside world. That is so true.

It was not the media that unfurled the Wenger out banner, that was Daniel Turner (Mr DT) of AFTV fame. It was not the media that hurled abuse at Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the street, it was not the media that unleashed a torrent of vile attacks on Granit Xhaka’s family.

AFTV are toxic to the core, they have over one million subscribers, get tens of millions of viewers per month, they abuse their own players and make their money off the back of attacking everything Arsenal.

The media reflects this.

This will never stop, not while the likes of AFTV founder Robbie Lyle makes money off the backs of genuine Arsenal fans.

I do like watching AFTV on occasions but I do accept who they are, how they operate and how they earn their money. Burying one’s head in the sand achieves nothing.

Look at the comments on social media to get a taste of how critical Arsenal fans are.

The idea that we are the only club that is like this is a fallacy as well. Living in the south you will get a feeling that the media is anti Arsenal, I understand that but go up north, read their local papers, listen to their radio stations, go to their games, visit their pubs and you will soon see that Man Utd fans are not a happy bunch right now, same with Newcastle United, Everton and so on.

I mean, do a search for the term Ole out and you get 241 MILLION hits on Google. Yeah, it is just Arsenal that the media go after, give me a break.

This is not the media doing this, it is the fans and it is not purely Arsenal that is being hammered. It smacks of a unique sense of arrogance to assume that it is Arsenal and Arsenal alone that get it in the neck from the media.

No, the media go after everyone if it sells, that is their jobs. But it is Arsenal fans that are by far the most toxic, expertly driven by AFTV.

They pretend they are the voice of the fans, they are not. Go to the Emirates and listen to a lot of Arsenal fans shouting at ATFV, there have even been fights, they do not have the full support of all Arsenal fans, they are just the most prominent due to their popularity on social media.

This is not an attack on AFTV, not at all but to ignore their conduct and blame just the media is absurd.

Do the media go after Arsenal too much? Yes, but come on, we provide them with all the ammunition they need. They cannot report on Xhaka abuse if he gets none, they cannot report on Wenger being verbally abused if it did not happen, they cannot report on Auba being shouted at in his car if it did not happen, they cannot report on the fans abuse of Mustafi if it did not happen.

Arsenal fans, when they are not goaded by Youtubers are the best in the world but right now, they are letting themselves down.