Former Gunner David Seaman has dampened expectations over new signing Bernd Leno warning that the German keeper may struggle in his debut season.

Seaman admits that he has yet to see the 26-year-old play but the former England number one is talking more about the physicality of the Premier League as opposed to the young keeper’s ability.

Speaking to The Daily Express, Seaman said

“I’m still waiting to see him play and then I will make a judgement but you can only tell once they start playing in the Premier League.

“It is a totally different pace and physicality, you look at David De Gea when he first came here he had big problems when he didn’t realise how physical it was in the Premier League but he adapted to that and really kicked on.

“With Leno, we have to wait and see what happens – if he is number one, we don’t even know who is going to be number one yet.”

Seaman has a point and does know what he is talking about but it is a lot different being a keeper in the Premier League than an outfield player and Leno should do just fine, he certainly has the quality.