Manchester City

Arsenal faces off against Manchester City next Wednesday evening and anything less than a win will have a significant impact on the club’s hopes of qualifying for next seasons Champions League.

It is a game in hand and so the argument can be made that a loss does not really change anything from where Arsenal is right now in the standings but that is being too simplistic.

A loss will affect confidence regardless of who the opponents are, whereas a win or draw will have the opposite effect.

If the lads come away with a draw no doubt many will see that as a positive result and of course, it would be, however, any attempt to play for a draw would be a mistake, simply because the Arsenal defence is not equipped for such a task.

The defence is the weakest point in the team and expecting them to withstand a City onslaught is being naive, especially with the almost as weak midfield in front of them.

The best chance for Arsenal to get anything from this game is to go for the win and with the forward line at Mikel Arteta’s disposal, there is every chance that they can be competitive.

Arsenal has to use their best assets to the maximum effect and protect their weakest assets as much as possible and the only way to do that is by relieving the defence as much as possible.

It is not mission impossible, Manchester City has been beaten this season and home advantage has been negated now.

Trying to scrape a point against a team as potent as City with a defence like Arsenal’s is just asking for trouble.

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