There is still a chance that Arsenal can win the title this season, but lets get real, it is not going to happen, there is no chance that both Leicester and Tottenham will collapse after going the whole season losing just 3 games and 4 games respectively.

Just look at the the Premier League Table, Arsenal are third because that is were they deserve to be, they are eleven points behind the Foxes because that is what is deserved, to say otherwise is not accepting the situation for what it is.

The reality of the situation is that the Gunners are not good enough and should be grateful that Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd have had a nightmare season, otherwise top four would have been unlikely.

Have a look at Arsenal Statistics on hityah, it is all there, all the facts and figures on this season, which clearly points to Arsenal’s lack of consistency.

Bottom line is this, Arsenal are simply not good enough, the squad is not good enough, the manager is not good enough and unless significant changes are made then next season will be no different to this.