In One Thousand and One Nights, Scheherezade recounts a story of the Barber’s fifth brother. In it, the eponymous young inheritor of 100 drachmas sits and daydreams about how he will grow his fortune by buying and trading glass. This all consuming fantasy quickly overwhelms him until he has envisaged a huge palace with slaves and wives and, in the excitement, he kicks over the unsold glass stock in front of him, leaving him penniless. It’s a story familiar to us in the form of a maxim: ‘Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched’.

With this cautionary tale still rattling in your retinas, consider that Arsenal are already planning their victory parade for the 18th May. A touch premature? Perhaps. Though if you do not feel that is the case you can check Arsenal’s Betfair online betting price and have a little punt.

It has been noted by the Telegraph that neither in 2003 nor 2005, when Arsenal won solitary FA cups, did Arsenal plan or carry out a parade.

It seems reasonable enough to plan one now. Arsenal haven’t had a party (or a reason for one) in almost ten years. Their last parade was to celebrate the unbeaten 2003/2004 season, and plans to halt traffic in Islington have to be made some time in advance.

However, it would be folly to think that victory is the only possible outcome. Hull are, on paper, a side that should be as easily brushed aside as they were in the league recently. But they are chasing cup glory too, and the FA cup is where upsets happen. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain before our parade even starts.