arsenal sign Layvin Kurzawa

Sensational breaking news, Arsenal sign Layvin Kurzawa from Paris St Germain on a five-year deal that will see him collect between £150k and £200k per week.

In other news, Elvis Presley will do a benefit concert for the NHS on the shores of Loch Ness with special guests including Nessie herself and his former son in law Michael Jackson.

As you can see there is proof if proof was ever really needed that we are living in the Matrix, though the ease with which one can expose the utter bollocks that is being dished up could see the Matrix implode on itself.

It took me literally two minutes to find the source of the Kurzawa news, it comes courtesy of Todofichajes, a tabloid-like gossip factory similar to the thousands that exist all over the web.

It is an in-depth 75-word article without any sources, named or otherwise, no quotes, absolutely nothing apart from the word exclusive in the title.

Naturally, every mainstream sports website, blog, social media outlets ran with it without questioning any part of it.

You would think that any publication that had this exclusive news would milk it for its full worth, there is money to be made with this sort of breaking news and of course huge credibility but alas, nothing on the website to indicate this is some huge story.

There is so much more to pick holes in but what’s the point? There is going to be tens, if not hundreds of players associated in some form or another with Arsenal.

Usually, that happens when the transfer window opens following a month of increased speculation, however, we are all in lockdown now and no one knows when the transfer window will open or what financial impact the clubs have experienced.

That means it is open season right now, especially in the absence of any live sport, what else is the media going to report on?

We are now in an indefinite period of transfer gossip and speculation so put your seatbelts on, it is going to be a bumpy ride with regular trips to the Twilight Zone.

Rest assured Arsenal players will arrive at the right decision over pay cuts