Arsenal players happy to help and offer up a solution

Arsenal players are willing to do their bit to save their club from financial ruins, but they will only do that on a specific condition.

The coronavirus outbreak that has forced the Premier League to be stopped is set to force teams to make tough decisions from a financial point of view.

Some clubs have chosen to furlough some of their staff while others have had to reduce salaries.

However, most Premier League teams are struggling to reach an agreement with their playing squads.

Arsenal is one of those team discussing pay cuts with their players and reports claim that the players have rejected several proposals by the club.

The latest proposal, however, is being considered by the players but they have given their team a condition before they can accept it.

According to The Athletic, the players have agreed to defer their salaries for some time, but they want the club to guarantee that any deferrals would be paid to them when they are sold by the club.

The report further claims that teams may have to sell their players to balance the books due to the impact of the coronavirus and Arsenal players want to make sure that they won’t be owed when they are sold off by the club.

That sounds like a fair compromise to me, obviously, a lot depends on how long the game is on hold and the financial impact on the club, if it is too severe then the situation will no doubt be looked at once again but the players have every right to demand any monies owed to them if they leave the club.

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