He’s the longest serving manager in the Premier League, and has proven an unbelievable servant to Arsenal football club, but is he still the right man for the job? After a season that has seen them typically scrape in to the Champion’s League and make it look easy at the same time, many Arsenal fans are wondering when ‘real’ progress is going to happen.

Wenger joined the Gunners in 1996, and Arsenal have stuck by their man admirably. Though his reign has until recently been a little overshadowed by Sir Alex Ferguson’s longer, and more successful, time at rivals Manchester United, this season he has emerged as the last of a dying breed – long-term managers! But where does good faith blur with bad business? Where do future prospects merge with reliving past glories?

If Arsenal win this season’s FA Cup, for which some good value in the betting can found as long  one can learn how to understand betting odds, then it will be there first trophy for nine years. Though the Gunners do not have a history as glittering as Liverpool’s or Man United’s, for a team that has competed in the Champion’s League for the past 16 seasons (and will compete for a 17th consecutive time next year), that poor record is quite staggering. The man who ten years ago masterminded a team that didn’t lose a single match in the Premier League, has since suffered disappointment after disappointment.

Arsenal fans will be impressed, and probably thankful, that Wenger has committed himself for another season, despite apparent offers from elsewhere. But, should they lose to Hull City at Wembley, how many of them will really feel that he’s the right man to carry them forward? How many of them will want him, even if he does deliver the FA Cup??

Wenger’s football can be fantastic, but too often it is frustrating. He has proven that he’s Arsenal through-and-through, he has proven that he’s up for the fight… But has he proven that he’s a winner? Judging him on the past decade, there is only one answer to… No!