A lot has been made about Arsenal’s away form and so forth and in fact, I did an article just this week highlighting our away form and why we must not be complacent about Cardiff City but it is time to get real now.

If we cannot beat promoted sides, home or away, then forget a top-four finish or any faint hope of a title challenge, it simply is not going to happen. The odds of Arsenal winning outright are currently at 28/1 on Sky Bet; with Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea being the 3 more likely winners. You might think that we shouldn’t pay too much attention to these odds, but as one of the football betting guides on topfootballtipster.com explained if the outsider was too win “bookmakers wouldn’t be giving those kind of odds as they would be losing too much money”! We really don’t want the odds of Arsenal winning to get even higher and we can’t lose faith in our team. We still have a good number of games to go and the title isn’t out of our reach just yet.

So there you are, we must beat Cardiff City today and there is every reason to be confident that we will.

For starters we are the better team, let us not kid ourselves about that, let’s not turn Cardiff into a better team than they are or downgrade the quality of player that we have in our squad.

We just need them to click and to a certain degree they did against West Ham, yes it was sluggish, yes West Ham should have scored more, I know all that but then we should have scored more against Chelsea, this is football, it swings all over the place but at the end of the day quality shines through and we have more and better quality than Cardiff.

Emery still needs to iron out some issues, we all know that and he will do so, every match that passes we will get better and Emery will get that one step closer to the best formation and the best team and that means every game we will get better and we have been doing so, we are on the right trajectory.

This preview could easily be about tactics, strategy, formation, the threat Cardiff pose and so on but this game will not be decided by any of that, it will be decided by our mentality.

If the lads today believe they can win, they will do, if they play to their abilities, we will win, I simply do not see it any other way.

So, to cut a long preview short, the team has to go out on that pitch today and get the basics right and believe, do that and all three points will be ours.

Possible lineups


Etheridge, Ecuele Manga, Morrison, Bamba, Bennett, Ralls, Paterson, Camarasa, Arter, Murphy, Zohore


Cech, Bellerin, Sokratis, Mustafi, Monreal, Torreira, Xhaka, Ramsey, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Aubameyang

Predicted score

Cardiff 1 v 3 Arsenal