Pablo Mari

One of the most highly regarded journalists that covers Arsenal is David Ornstein and he rarely ever goes in for hyperbole and his comments on Pablo Mari carry more weight than some of the nonsense we are fed each and every day.

Ornstein, speaking on The Atheltic podcast, has revealed that Arsenal is close to turning Mari’s loan deal into a permanent one at a cost of £10 million.

That is welcome news despite some claiming that two games are not enough for Mikel Arteta to make a sensible judgement on what he can bring to Arsenal.

That is utter tosh, the vast majority of signings are done based on what a targetted player has done for his present club, why should Mari be held to some sort of higher standard.

The Spaniard did enough in his two games to show he is no donkey and you can take it to the bank that the club and its scouting network have done a comprehensive job in analysing the 26-year-olds performances.

Remember, this is a player that has played in a club world cup final, that was successful in Brazil and has experience of playing in hostile atmospheres.

Mari has yet to reach his peak and let’s be honest, it will not take too much to improve on what we have already seen this season with our defenders.

If Arsenal does complete the purchase of Mari, I for one will be pleased, he looks like an Arsenal player, he wants to remain at the club and £10 million really is not a lot of money in this day and age for seasoned professionals.

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