It takes both the players and fans of a football club to make the club and that is why the relationship between players and fans is very critical.

As Arsenal fans, we have been dissatisfied with our team’s performances in recent weeks and that is understandable, but have some crossed the line in their desire to get more out of their team?

Two weeks back, some fans resorted to booing off Granit Xhaka as he was substituted and the Swiss Midfielder swore at them while leaving the pitch in a moment that he would love to get back.

Xhaka was expected to have apologized immediately but never did and tendered what could be said to be a weak apology later in the week.

Xhaka’s act is unbefitting of any footballer let alone, a club captain, but he is also human like all of us. He has rightfully been stripped of the Arsenal captaincy and has thus been punished for his actions.

While we may be quick to hold Xhaka responsible because he was our club captain and should do better, what about us, the fans, how well are we playing our roles?

Fans are responsible for the atmosphere around the games and this plays a major role in the team’s performance. We, Gunners, have to look closely at the Xhaka’s situation and answer this question: Do we owe Granit Xhaka an apology?