Arsene Wenger

Martin Keown has offered to help bring Arsene Wenger back in a board room capacity, as he thinks the Frenchman still has a lot to offer.

Wenger was Arsenal’s manager for over 20 years, but they ousted him in 2018 to usher in a new era at the Emirates.

He was their manager when they last tasted success and the two years since has seen the team struggling.

Keown accepts the fact that Wenger’s time was up at the Emirates as a manager. However, he claims that he still has something to offer the club in the boardroom.

He claimed that the amount of money that Arsenal made for the club’s owners during his time at the helm should point to the fact that he can be of great help to the Gunners in some capacity.

He claims that maybe the club is waiting for the Frenchman to offer his services to them, but they don’t have to wait because he can be a mediator and make a fresh partnership work with Wenger returning to the Emirates in some capacity.

Keown told Jim White on talkSPORT: “Josh Kroenke is the son of the owner and now seems to be taking an active role, he would’ve worked with Wenger.

“They were happy with the money that Wenger made them with their shares. There’s been success at Arsenal Football Club, huge success so I don’t feel it’s impossible [for Wenger to come back].

“But people need to talk and maybe Arsene Wenger needs to offer his services but he may have felt that he should have been asked to do it and doesn’t want to step in now when other people are doing those roles.

“As a mediator, I would love to be able to get these people together to get Arsene Wenger back into that boardroom to help make key decisions for Arsenal Football Club.”

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