Former Arsenal and European Cup Winners Cup winner with Arsenal, manager George Graham, has spoken out on his former club again, and the man who was responsible for putting together the toughest defence the club has known, with Adams, Dixon, Bould/Keown and Winterburn, that Arsene Wenger inherited when he joined in 1996, has said that unless the club bring in another striker, they will find it impossible to finish in the top four of the Premier League let alone win anything else.

With it becoming ever apparent as Sunday against Manchester City showed, that when Van Persie is closed down, there is no-one capable of scoring upfront when Robin cannot find the net, and that is true, 95% of our goals this season have come from the Dutchman, but as Sunday showed, close him off, and the chances of Arsenal grabbing a goal decrease, with the misfiring Gervinho who it seems couldn’t even put the ball in the back of an empty net, regardless of how well he can take defenders on – after all he is an attacking forward, the same as the inconsistent Theo Walcott, who is beginning to frustrate a lot of fans with his too often inept performances.

Speaking to Alan Brazil on yesterday’s breakfast show, former Arsenal manger and pundit George Graham told him:

“Arsene has got to buy another striker in January,”

“I think he’s been looking at it.”

“It’s been well documented that if Van Persie gets an injury they are going to struggle. Yesterday [against Man City] when you look at the teams, they both had similar possession. But when you look at the chances City had they were all from different players. When you look at Arsenal’s chances they came from Van Persie, Vermaelen and Walcott.”

“That results kills off their title hopes,”

“I don’t think anyone really fancied Arsenal this season to win it and I think their task is to finish in the top four. They’ll do well if they can manage that.”

And I for one agree, the tough Scot has never minced his words, and he is correct the Manchester City game just highlighted what we were already beginning to know, and unless Arsene Wenger does something in January to solve this, then I think even looking at a top six position could be unlikely, especially taking into account the Champions League Second Round against AC Milan, the current injury crisis that seems to happen every season now.

If Arsene does nothing – which knowing him is quite likely then I see a cabinet at the club gathering a large amount of dust this season before any trophy fills it once again,