Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Almost every single day there are fresh rumours surrounding the Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and which club he will join this summer.

Some of the rumours have nothing to do with Aubameyang, they involve other players, as an example when a club is linked with say Lautaro Martinez at Inter Milan it somehow means that Auba will end up in Milan as the Argentines replacement. The speculation has nothing at all to do with the Gabon hitman but for some reason, he gets dragged in.

Now, any major club you can think of has been linked with Aubameyang, be it Chelsea, Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc and based on the non-stop flood of Aubameyang gossip you would be forgiven for believing that it is a cast-iron certainty that the 30-year-old will be leaving the Emirates as soon as the transfer window opens.

The problem with that is that it really is only the gossip mongers at the various media outlets that are claiming that.

If it was such a certainty that Aubameyang is leaving us this summer then you would have thought that the bookies would have priced such an eventuality up at massive odds on. It is therefore rather strange that they have not, don’t you think?

Bookies are tight as a ducks butt and there is no way they would ever overprice any markets, they are geniuses at making a profit and they do that because they do not suffer fools easily.

Let’s take Barcelona, they seem to be the favourites to land Aubameyang, they are certainly one of the most mentioned teams, so why are they priced at 3.00 as Auba’s next destination. Man Utd at 7.00, Chelsea at 13.00, Real Madrid at 6.00 and so on.

Those prices are ridiculous for a player that is seen as a certainty to leave North London by some.

Based on those prices alone I would suggest that Aubameyang is going absolutely nowhere.

Now, you can believe that or you could believe the words of the player himself when he called the rumours rubbish.

There is nothing at all that has been said by anyone, either officially or unofficially indicating that Aubameyang will leave this summer, nothing at all.

That does not mean he will not leave but based on all available evidence Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is staying put.

Finally, some good news for Arsenal fans to celebrate