Manchester United

Arsenal needs to be careful they do not become the next Manchester United.

Arsenal have struggled ever since the departure of Arsene Wenger, there is no doubting that. Just like Manchester United, they appear to be finding it difficult to transition to a new period in their evolution.

Unai Emery was brought in as the new Arsenal manager after Wenger and lasted just 18 months. They have now named Freddie Ljungberg as interim manager after the sacking of Emery.

While Ljungberg is expected to stay on only as a temporary fix, will Arsenal begin to hire and fire managers?

The Red Devils have entered that cycle. Clubs who have had a manager for a long time tend to lose patience with managers after they fire that long-standing boss.

Since Sir Alex Ferguson left Manchester United in 2013, they have had five managers both permanently and temporarily.

I understand when Arsenal’s board continued to give Emery more chances to get it right. They wanted to avoid a culture of hire and fire, it is unfortunate that Emery couldn’t get it right.

Changing managers frequently don’t necessarily bring success and we can see that by the fact that United are still looking to get back to how they were.

Arsenal fans and board members have to take a hard look at Manchester United and learn from their mistakes.

Each time you fire a manager the new man in charge inherits someone else’s players and so new players have to be brought in and others sold. It creates instability in the short term.

Managers need time to mould their own team and it cannot be done in one season, or even two.

If the fans continue to be impatient with managers, I am afraid that Arsenal might just become the next Manchester United.