mesut Ozil

The recent bad press that footballers are getting for their stance on contributing to the coronavirus pandemic is shocking and that is especially true of our very own Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil was recently outed as one player who has refused to take a pay cut, while Emmanuel Adebayor who also starred for the Gunners has insisted that he wouldn’t donate to his country’s cause as they try to curb the spread of the virus.

These examples have left me questioning if footballers are just mean, spoilt individuals who lack humanity or if they are just plain greedy.

Let’s face it, how could you be considered a role model and not have slight sympathy for the world around you.

We pay footballers because the public pay to watch them, they should feel an obligation to give back to society in a time like this.

The most intriguing thing is that these players don’t consider the fact that they will only get this money back if we arrest this pandemic and fans can return to watching them again.

Just like Adebayor said, no one should tell you what to do with your money, however, you should be responsible enough to know that when things are happening around you, it could get to you too.

There are a lot of good-hearted footballers out there, but some of them have shown during this crisis that they are greedy and irresponsible.

Sadly, Arsenal has one right in their team.

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