Just one game into the new season and already the new manager Unai Emery is facing severe criticism in some quarters and that will only intensify if the Gunners lose to Chelsea on Saturday.

That is simply ridiculous, yes it was disappointing to lose to City but they are the Champions, they thrashed us at will last season, they are the dominant team in English football and so some perspective is required.

If we do not beat Chelsea on Saturday that would not be the end of the world either, not many teams travel to Stamford Bridge and win, again some perspective is required.

There was always going to be a period of transition under Emery and that takes time, there are new players to settle into the team, a new culture to get to grips with and a new style of play, the changes will not occur overnight.

There are some issues that need immediate resolution, how to play Lacazette and Aubameyang together, how to sort out the weakness in midfield, how to get the best out of Ozil and who will be the number one keeper but I am sure that Emery will resolve these issues soon, he is a highly qualified and talented manager.

Arsenal is a quality side and once a run of wins is put together then we will see a whole different scenario.

We have been given a horrendous opening set of games but now is not the time to panic, now is the time to remain patient, get behind the new manager and show confidence in the players.