Jack Wilshere has compared Mesut Ozil and Cesc Fabregas and he claims that the German can let games pass him by, but Fabregas would always influence the game even if it means dropping deep to get an attack started.

Wilshere was an Arsenal player from his childhood years until 2018 when his terrible luck with injuries caught up with him and he had to leave the Emirates for West Ham.

The Englishman, however, had the pleasure of playing alongside Fabregas and Ozil and knows each player’s game first hand.

He was recently asked to compare both players and clarified that Fabregas is far better for forcing the issue, while Ozil would rather watch the game pass him by and come up with his occasional magical moments.

He claimed that both players could change any game, however, Fabregas was the go-to man if you’re looking for a player that wouldn’t just change the game, but control it as well.

“They can change a game and they can control a game – more so Fabregas could control a game. That’s the difference,” said Wilshere as quoted by the Star.

“Ozil wouldn’t really get involved in the build-up but Cesc would drop. I’ve seen games where he must have created 10 to 12 goalscoring opportunities just by dropping off.

“I’ve had this conversation with him recently where that player is sort of going out the game a little bit.

‘Not that quick, not really strong but just playing with your brain. I played in a few games where he (Cesc) was man marked which says it all really.

“Someone who is not going to really run away from you with the ball or beat and push you off the ball. To literally be man marked, I remember we played Bolton once and Fabrice Muamba followed him for the whole game.”