nketiah red card

The Eddie Nketiah red card in Arsenal’s game against Leicester City on Tuesday evening was one of the big talking points in the match. The youngster may feel that his sending off was harsh because he had no intention of committing a foul.

He has impressed Mikel Arteta with his pressing at opposition defences since he has been in the team and that is simply what he was doing when he got sent off.

This is probably one of the worst ways to learn, but I believe this could be one important learning curve for the young striker.

Before now, he would have been charging at defenders and goalkeepers with less coordination, but this should teach him that a little bit of intelligence and skill is required to get pressing done well.

I am sure that he will spend some time watching the clip and looking at what he must have done wrong to try to change it.

This can be a defining moment in his career if he learns the lessons, and I hope he does, and this could also discourage him from continuing his pressing style without care.

But I trust Arteta to help the young striker get through this tough period and he will come back a better striker than he has been for us so far.

Do you think the Nketiah red card will help the youngster grow as a footballer going forward?