Martin Keown claims that had Arsene Wenger been the manager of Arsenal at the moment, he would have solved their current wage issue better than what they have achieved so far.

Arsenal recently asked their players to take a 12.5% wage cut for the next year, just three players including Mesut Ozil rejected the proposal and the aftermath has been one of bad press for the German.

Several pundits have criticised the German while one pundit claimed that there was no unity at the Emirates and that is why one player leaked the Mesut Ozil story.

The talks about division among the players at the Emirates isn’t so untrue and this wage cut issue has shown that truly, the Arsenal players are not as united as we all thought they were.

Regardless of the club’s need, Keown believes that had Wenger been their manager at the time of the negotiation, the Frenchman would have helped them solve the problem without all the noise that has come out from it so far.

‘I’m going to suggest that he should still be at the club in some capacity, and I think if he had have been, these sorts of situations [he was] first class in dealing with,’ he told talkSPORT.

‘The message would have gone out very strongly to the players, I understand they want to know all the facts and the situation of the football club before they commit to large deferrals or wages they’re not going to receive, but by now the principle of why they’re doing it should have sunk in.

‘I assume there are members of staff, and they don’t all earn huge amounts of money, who have been asked to take a 12 per cent deferral in their wages, and you got top players who are not doing that ‘

If we were in a situation and I was one of the top-earning players at the football club, and I knew that all the members of staff [were taking cuts] how could I actually look them in the eye when I go back to work with them again.’

Martin Keown has been speaking widely about Wenger and I am not sure everyone will agree that he could have sorted these issues out any better than what Mikel Arteta has done.