It has been widely reported that Mesut Ozil and Unai Emery had a training ground bust-up after the German playmaker was left out of the Arsenal team to face West Ham last month, a claim now totally refuted by Ozil’s teammate Nacho Monreal.

This is what Monreal had to say on the alleged fallout.

“People have been a bit unfair with him,”

“He is a very famous player and obviously people love talking about him. Recently, it is always bad things. Like last time, he was sick and that’s why he didn’t play.

“People started to invent that he had a problem with the manager. It wasn’t like that. He got a cold, he was sick, that’s it. That’s why he didn’t play.”

There you have it, either Monreal is a liar or the press is peddling fake news.

For my part I believe Monreal 100%, the press is renowned for making stories like this up and you do not even have to dig deep to work out what their motivation is for this bull.

Arsenal news is always popular and if the media can find anything that they can twist and turn it into something it is not they will, it is what they do.

It will be interesting if any of these peddlers of lies and misinformation have the guts to come out and call Monreal a liar publicly.

My money is that they do not.