Mesut Ozil has not taken being dropped from Arsenal’s Europa League and Premier League squads well, in fact, he has taken it very badly.

It is clear why he was dropped, he is not good enough anymore but he does not share that viewpoint claiming that he was playing at a very good level prior to football being suspended by the Coronavirus outbreak.

The German, it seems, is unaware that he has not played well in years, that he offers almost nothing to the club and appears only interested in his own PR and taking as much money from the club as possible.

Ozil has brought all this on himself but he simply does not see it that way and instead has decided, yet again, to attack the club that pays him so well.

This is what the 32-year-old posted on Twitter

Ozil really is full of himself but it is not long now, soon we will finally see the back of him, his agent and PR machine.