Nicklas Bendtner has probably earned more popularity for his snazzy outlook and his style of clothing for men than for footballing reasons. The 24-year-old is indeed one of the most fashionable footballers around, who with his smart dress sense attract many fans outside the sporting realms.

Bendtnar plays for Arsenal and currently on-loan to Italian outfit Juventus. He has been in London, a fashionable city since 2005. Being a young handsome professional footballer he obviously draws fan-followings, while he has made a name for himself in the fashion world for his outlandish yet modern dress codes.

In 2012, he was seen in his capital city of Denmark launching his own jewellery collection N3 in a Fashion week. Football has always been inextricably linked with fashionable men. Since the time of poster boy George Best to David Beckham and Theirry Henry, footballers launching their own fashion range are nothing unusual.

The only difference is commercialism has evolved in football by leaps and bounds. In yesteryear, what used to be only a source of entertainment and style, it has now becoming trend-setting. People follow the styles of football players who they see as social heroes and icons and it is nothing out of sort if a professional football wants to have an interest in other areas apart from football.

The Danish international said as quoted by The Sun: “I have designed some jewellery that I want to show people, and I hope they like them.

“It’s something I wanted to do since I was a boy and when I had the opportunity to realise the dream, I jumped into it.

“Football is of course always first, but it’s fun to have an interest outside of football.”

When he got injured during a game against Swansea while playing for Sunderland, he had to use a mask to protect his face. ‘I don’t look near as cool as Batman’, the striker admitted on Twitter.