The World Cup is nearly upon us and the vast majority of Arsenal players will be Brazil bound, but not every one of them, some like Nicklas Bendtner will be spending their summers kicking their heels and trying to stay out of trouble, so what are the best things they can be doing to while away the time.

Of course they will be watching the World Cup, possibly doing some punditry and other football related activities, however they will not be doing that all summer so what is there left to do?

They will obviously take holidays at exotic locations, do some partying and so forth, some will no doubt visit an online casino or maybe attends the races, but whatever they do they must at least keep out of trouble.

They will not want to be photographed smoking a cigarette, on the beach with topless groupies or getting in to street fights, no, they need to project a professional image all the time, especially while their club mates are busy on the other side of the world representing their nation.