Arsenal fans

When summer comes around Arsenal fans, for the most part, become engulfed with transfer rumours and who may or may not sign for us. That is not the case this summer.

The biggest issue this summer for a lot of Arsenal fans will be whether Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang signs a new contract.

Right this minute no one knows, not pundits, not so-called insiders, not Youtube personalities and certainly not the press.

Just today I have read quotes attributed to Auba that he has not yet made his mind up and that this is the biggest decision of his career (BBC).

Now, this is purely my own opinion but I am absolutely convinced that Auba will sign an extension and this is why.

There are next to no clubs that will want to sign him right now because of his likely high wage demands and no resale value.

Look at the list of clubs that could possibly afford to pay his wages, Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG and clubs in the Middle East and China.

If we take these clubs one at a time it is easy to start dismissing them.

Chelsea is very likely to confirm the signing of Timo Werner (Goal), Man City have never shown any inclination they are interested in Aubameyang and where would he fit in? Plus they are probably not going to be able to offer Champions League football.

Man Utd are obviously a possibility but there is no guarantee that they will qualify for the Champions League and they have announced losses recently (FT) with much more to come, would they really splash out money on transfer fees, agents and high wages for a player with no resale value?

Juventus simply no longer have the money and are looking to sell players (Marca), Bayern already has enough top-quality forwards. Barcelona is doing a fire sale (Daily Mail) and has some serious financial issues to deal with themselves and Real are basically in the same boat (Football365).

PSG maybe the only club that would consider taking on Aubameyang and be able to afford his wages and transfer fee but they are barely mentioned as a potential suitor.

The Middle East and China remain the big unknowns but I do not get the feeling it is about just money for Auba, to me, it is about Champions League football and silverware at the highest level, those two destinations simply cannot offer him that.

Without the coronavirus pandemic Auba would probably have gone this summer but the reality is that there is not the money there now for clubs to spend significant money on a player that will be 31 in three days time.

Mark my words Arsenal fans, Auba is going nowhere.