arsenal players

Much is being made about the Arsenal players not yet taking any form of pay cut and on the face of it, it does not look good.

However, it is not as cut and dry as some people think, for example asking Bukayo Saka to take a pay cut when he is on £3k per week will have more of an effect on the player than say, Mesut Ozil giving up the same percentage.

It is unrealistic to just have one percentage cut for all the players, it needs to be done on a more equitable basis.

But even then it is fraught with difficulties, a player on £50k per week may well feel it is unfair for him to take the same pay cut as Ozil, however, the German could easily moan that it is unfair on him to take the biggest burden.

Then you have the owners who are billionaires, remember the West Ham owners have stumped up £30 million for their club so there is little reason why Stan Kroenke cannot do the same.

Why should the players give up their income when the owners will not inject fresh funds into the club to stabilise the finances?

Of course, there is a moral argument and I do feel that the players should do something for the club and local community but if it is not done fairly then it will create resentment within the squad and that is the last thing any of us need.

As an Arsenal fan, my concern is with Arsenal, however, one cannot just ignore what is going on elsewhere.

I could be wrong but I have not read anywhere about Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea players agreeing on pay cuts, why is it the Arsenal players being singled out?

If the players end up giving nothing to help the club out then I will no doubt have my say and make my feelings very clear but I am prepared to be patient and wait and see what the players come up with.