Lots of people believe that putting a bet on their favourite football club each week adds to the excitement of watching the game, with many more placing bets on teams that they think will win their games even if they don’t support them. Football betting has grown massively over the past few years with the internet allowing people to easily place bets at home instead of having to go to the local bookies. Many of these companies allow a lot of different types of bets also such as betting on cards given during the game or how many corners are taken, instead of just the normal winner prediction that everyone expects when it comes to football betting.

The world of betting and casino companies has changed though because of the internet allowing them to make more money from less output. A lot of these companies have started putting some of the money back in to the world of football by sponsoring different clubs and the latest club to enter the rumour mill in this way is Arsenal. Jackpot City is an online casino company rumoured to have intentions of getting a sponsorship deal with the Gunners. There has been much speculation on the internet surrounding the details of the deal, with many believing that it would be beneficial for both parties, with Arsenal receiving money for the all-important Premier League race while the casino would get publicity. You can view their website at this location: http://www.jackpotcity.co.uk/mobile-casino.

Both Arsenal and JPC are yet to release a statement concerning the deal though and it is unlikely Fly Emirates would give up the prime spot on the shirt so easily but it isn’t a good idea to dispel tales that come from the rumour-flooded internet.

Jackpot City is a well-respected online casino with hundreds of games including ones that relate to football directly. One such game is Shoot, a football slots game that comes from an old football magazine so it is naturally filled with old football pictures that would bring back great memories for any real football fan. If the sponsorship deal were to come to fruition then it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a few more of these games appearing. As well as these great football based games Jackpot City also offer many other fantastic games that you can often try out for free before having to put money down on the game, so there is no reason not to check them out.