One of the most influential and highly regarded journalists when it comes to Arsenal is The Atheltic’s David Ornstein.

Ornstein forged his reputation when he was a BBC correspondent before being lured over to the ambitious Athletic and his inside knowledge of the club continues to be a valuable tool in understanding what is going on at the Emirates.

Yesterday, Ornstein did a Q and A session on Arsenal and other Premier League clubs and he came out with some very interesting tidbits,

Answering a question about Stan Kroenke investing money into Arsenal, Ornstein had this response.

“I’m not sure about investing – I simply don’t know – but certainly he will be covering financial commitments going forward. Arsenal do have a little bit of wriggle-room on FFP and KSE can invest a bit of money if they wish. But Arsenal will try to stick to their self-sustaining model as much as they can. In terms of last summer, I don’t know 100% but think it was more providing guarantees than investing. Josh Kroenke told me in an interview for the BBC that they put “instruments” in place to help make the summer deals happen.

So, what we can take from that is that Kroenke will cover financial commitments (that kind of undermines their plea to the players to take a pay cut) that Arsenal can still invest in new players even with a Kroenke cash injection and that the club will continue with their self sustaining model.

It also means that there is unlikely to be any actual investment, just an injection to pay bills and so it is very doubtful that we will see a marque signing this summer.

Ornstein is not always 100% right but more often than not he is spot on and his opinion is highly valued and I for one do feel a lot more relaxed having read what he had to say.

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