Arsenal did many feats in the history of sports. Existing for many years already has given it a prestige that no club can follow after. It only makes sense to commemorate its best accomplishments after its founding 125 years ago.

Here are the top 4 most remarkable moments of Arsenal in the face of sports club history:

The Invincibles Season


A season so breathtaking, the Invincibles Season was one of the most iconic moments that Arsenal has left. 12 draws came up and dispersed among 26 wins. However, the score that was accumulates (90 points to be exact) has maintained its stronghold on their own. No losses were recorded that day.

Even though a multitude of teams tries to compete every season without losing, it’s rare to happen all over again.

Straight winning strikes went defeated


The month of October has proven to be a jinx back in 2004 when Arsenal finally went down from 49 strikes. Manchester United got itself a penalty that shot them up to a score of 2-0, therefore, winning at Old Trafford against Arsenal.

The well-cultivated straight wins— gone with the wind. Even so, Arsenal became untouchable at some point, earning a section of a prestigious history book about their clean, 3-season winning streak. Most likely, this won’t be repeated again since it’s an event that’s regarded among the premium moments in football history.

Eduardo and his broken leg

Fresh from the recruits, Eduardo, Arsenal’s new found star broke his tibia and fibula shortly after accepting a challenge from Martin Taylor, a Birmingham defender. According to witnesses, the injury was too graphic that it was omitted from most parts in the live coverage on national television. Injuries are not new in English Premier league bets, since football requires strength and vigor to pursue the game.

If you’re wondering how gruesome the injury was, the look on Eduardo’s teammates said a lot. Aside from his teammates, the Birmingham players and fans standing on the stands were terribly stunned as well.

Because of Eduardo’s serious injury, it was a definite contributing factor to inflict such negative impact on the Arsenal players’ mental and physical performances. Hence, it received a score of 2-2, draw. Moving forward, Arsenal still haven’t recovered from the intense blow of the freak accident. They were thrown at the sides by their opponent, Manchester United.

Declaring bankcruptcy


In the height of financial losses, the early Arsenal in 1900s point out the cause of the

dip in their assets: their isolated location. Being situated in Plumstead, they garnered very low audience count which led to low sales. With that, Arsenal pushed their iconic players to be their money cows. The result was still the same. As they advocated to put their players under the limelight, the more they suffered in terms of finances.


Even if Arsenal has experienced the most horrible moments through the years, still, they persevered and went on to carve its name in the history of football. On another note, with the emergence of many iconic sports moments, it also increased the visitors of many sports websites, especially betting.

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