Martin keown

Former Gunner Martin Keown is never short of an opinion and he reckons Arsenal should sign Thomas Partey because he is the exact sort of player the club needs.

Keown was speaking to Stadium Astro on their Youtube channel and he is of the opinion that pairing Thomas Partey with Lucas Torreira is the midfield partnership the team needs.

“I think Partey from Atletico Madrid, the midfield player that sits, very strong, tough player, Keown said.

“He’s the sort of type of player that Arsenal need in that midfield.

“I think Torreira is a player who doesn’t get used enough, I know he’s been injured.

“[Granit] Xhaka has come in and done better but I’m not sure that is the right answer.”

Keown does make some valid points but the truth is that we have no idea how Partey will fare in the Premier League, it is a lot different to La Liga, especially in intensity.

That said, Partey is a classy player for sure and if he did adapt to the English game he would be a huge hit and Arsenal does have a decent record with players transitioning from La Liga to the Premier League.

The signs are positive that Thomas Partey will sign for Arsenal but until it happens all we can do is wait and see how things unfold.

Is Martin Keown right? Should Arsenal sign Partey?

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