Arsenal transfer gossip

Arsenal Transfer gossip is in full overdrive now that football is suspended, it was always going to happen anyway but because of the Covid-19 pandemic we have been subjected to it earlier than usual and frighteningly there is no end in sight.

Arsenal was always going to be one of the most speculated clubs in the media, the history, finances and current situation dictate that and so we should not be too surprised at the long list of players being linked with a move to the Emirates.

However, what I have found a little bit of an eye-opener is the number of rejects and outcasts that Arsenal is rumoured to be interested in, especially players from some of our bitterest big rivals.

Off the top of my head and I am sure there are more, this is a list of players from Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool that are supposedly on their way to Arsenal.

Man Utd
Chris Smalling
Jesse Lingard

Dejan Lovren


Now, as sure as night follows day that list will grow and grow and before anyone says what is wrong with being linked with those players let me ask you this, what rejects or flops from Arsenal are being linked with those three clubs?

The latest Arsenal transfer gossip has Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being linked with a move to Old Trafford but he is not a reject or flop, neither was Robin van Persie or Alexis Sanchez. The same applies to Chelsea, Ashley Cole anyone?

This is what happens to Arsenal for some reason, our rivals snap up our best players but we get their flops, David Luiz, Danny Welbeck, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Mikaël Silvestre etc, the list is absolutely endless.

But you do not see any of them interested in signing Sokratis, Xhaka, Mustafi or even Ozil.

I have no idea when it started to be like this but it is, Arsenal are the ones linked with buying rejects and flops from their rivals while those very same rivals ignore our flops and instead target the best assets we have.