mesut ozil

I see some moaning about the person that “snitched” on Mesut Ozil and criticising that person as if they did something wrong, they did not, they did the right thing by Arsenal football club, the fans and local community.

Ozil deserves zero anonymity, he deserves to be exposed for his vile selfishness and greed and rather than attacking the messenger, the person that actually cares about Arsenal they should instead be turning their justified ire on the poison that has infiltrated the club we all love.

It is not the leaker that has created any disunity, it is Ozil, pure and simple, it is his actions and those of his vile representatives that caused all this, no one else.

I can only imagine what all those players earning tens and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of pounds less than the German per week think of their so-called teammate.

If they have any normal human emotions, which they clearly have, they will be utterly disgusted with him, the idea of playing alongside that man knowing what he did must make them feel absolutely nauseated.

Of course, 12.5% is measly and the myopic fans will say well done to the lads and so forth but at least they agreed to something however pathetic it is unlike Ozil and his cohorts.

It is now detrimental to Arsenal to support this man, he deserves nothing but contempt.

As for the so-called “grass” I do not care who he is, he is my player of the year, my hero and I hope he continues to reveal what Ozil is really like, the disruption he is, the poisonous environment he has created, the more leaks the better.

When did Arsenal become the dumping ground for the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd?