arsenal board

It was obvious to the Arsenal board earlier this season that the atmosphere at the Emirates had turned toxic. There was booing, Granit Xhaka swearing at the fans (TalkSport) and fans ranting on various Youtube channels outside the ground demanding change.

Under normal circumstances, if Arsenal was to make a controversial announcement, for example, selling Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, giving Mesut Ozil a contract extension or bringing Henrikh Mkhitaryan into the fold you can only imagine the reaction on the terraces, it would be virulent, to say the least.

The Arsenal board know that they cannot have the fans turn on them again, they know they dodged a bullet when they finally sacked Unai Emery, hired Mikel Arteta and the clubs’ fortunes improved because it would have been the board itself with their necks on the chopping block if that chain of events had not unfolded.

The fans make a huge difference when it comes to massive decisions because without them onboard the club knows full well what the reaction will be.

Well, they do not have to worry about any of that right now, do they? The head honcho’s at the club have the freedom to make whatever decisions they want to make right now without fear of the stadium turning into a cauldron of hate towards them.

If they are to make controversial decisions it is going to be within the next few weeks and while I do not expect Auba to leave as I wrote yesterday that does not mean that they will not make other potential decisions that the fans will not appreciate.

Could Ozil be given a contract extension? Could Lacazette be sold? Could Bukayo Saka be sold? Could Mkhitaryan and Mohamed Elneny be brought back? And yes, could Auba be sold?

Do not be surprised if the club does something that will really piss us all off because they have the perfect environment right now to drop a bombshell on us with very few repercussions.