Romanian wonderkid Catalin Carjan has confirmed that he will sign for the Gunners when he reaches 16 in December.

The youngster has already had a trial at Arsenal and must have impressed if he is saying publicly that he will sign on the dotted line before Christmas.

Speaking to Digi Sport the Viitourul Domnesti midfielder had this to say:

“It’s something else, It’s a big difference I cannot wait to go there to sign and it’s going to be much better.

“I will sign when I’m 16. They’ve been watching me for more matches and that was it – after that, they sent me the tickets to go to them.

“They told me that I was a good player and that they wanted [me] to go to the big team in two years.”

Having never watched the lad in action it is hard to draw a personal opinion, however, if Arsenal wants to sign him then he must be decent and the fact that he is being hailed a wonderkid is also very encouraging.